Using reverse telnet and ssh

Sometimes I find a need to use a console cable remotely, but getting someone to set up a PC or laptop with a serial connection for remote access can be quite a hassle.   I have used the following configurations to get remote serial access using only an onsite router.

Setting up 802.q and switch ports in an ASR9000

IOS-XR has a structure that is very different than standard IOS. I would recomend checking the different documentation at this post is not going to explain things like having to commit a config before it is applied… etc, but rather I am going to assume you have read the getting started guide. The project that… Continue reading Setting up 802.q and switch ports in an ASR9000

Setting up Cisco Smart Install

Matthew Mengel wrote an interesting article on the Packet Pushers Blog about using Cisco Smart Install.  This is an interesting system that can automate deployment to new switches in a campus environment.